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About Us

Our modern, diverse tools and equipment is geared for maximum performance in major oil and gas fields in North Africa, Onshore and offshore, we have the perfect packages to meet all the demands of any wireline program.

  • Established in 2009, WWS has a proven track record of operational excellence, and value creation for all our clients . With a hundreds of successful operations to different clients, WWS has expanded into major Wireline provider in North Africa.
  • Growth has primarily occurred organically with the vast majority of the high standard equipment purchased from major manufacturer recognized world wild.
  • Focused on maintaining industry leadership in performance and safety, WWS also brings value to oil and gas customers through numerous partnerships.

Your Partener to find Well Solutions

We provided the technical expertise, advanced equipment and operational support necessary to help our customers to reach their objectives in the planned cost and time .

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Over 20 years of experience we’ll ensure you get the best guidance.